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Voice/speech amplifiers, electronic larynx for weak voice after stroke, surgeries and other medical conditions. Telephones that amplify weak or frail voices.
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black corded phone with extra large illuminated dial pad Alto Big Button Phone

Alto big button phone with illuminated extra large dial pad has speakerphone, and extra loud ringer

Sale $128.95 20% OFF

XLC3.4 Clarity big button cordless phone XLC3.4 Big Button Cordless Phone for Seniors

XLC3.4 Best phone for elderly, a big button easy to use cordless phone

SALE $139.99

black amplifier, microphone SoniVox Plus Voice Amplifier

Speech amplifier for weak voices due to stroke, throat surgery or other medical conditions, group leaders, teachers

black speech aid with lanyard NuVois III Electro-Larynx Speech Aid

Speech assistance for those with weak or frail voices.

SALE $484.95
black 4.5 inches long electrolarynx TruTone Electrolarynx Speech Aid

Trutone electrolarynx electronic speech aid useful after Laryngotomy.  

SALE $629.99
trutone electrolarynx two angles photo TruTone Plus with USB Charger

TruTone PLUS with USB Charger electrolarynx.  Easier charging

gray colored electronic speech device 4.64" tall Servox Digital Electronic Speech Device

Servox Digital Electronic Speech Device is programmable

SALE $799.00