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Simple Home Trimline Phone
white trimline phone
Trimline Phone - Easy For Seniors, Small Enough For Apartments & Nursing Homes
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Small for apartments, nursing homes, assisted living

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Simple Home Trimline Phone for Seniors

Easy to use phone
Step the technology back a couple of decades with this easy to use, simple phone for seniors with memory loss. The technology used in this premium phone makes sounds not only louder, but also CLEARER and easier to understand.

Helps those with memory loss & technophobes
No Confusing buttons! Just pick up this high quality basic phone when it rings to answer, and place the phone down on the base to hang up. No button to push to answer or hang up. As easy at it gets! May be helpful for those with early Alzheimer's or dementia. This is a premium trim-line phone - there is a backlit keypad, which most cheaper trim-line phones don't have. Since there is no charging of this phone it is perfect for nursing homes and assistive living facilities. Nursing homes usually will not commit to placing a cordless phone on the charging base at night as it is more work for staff and easy to forget. When a cordless phone isn't charged, it doesn't work. This is why a corded land-line phone is more suitable for nursing home use.

Easy to use volume control
The simple, basic phone for elderly has up to 26 decibels of amplification for mild hearing loss. The easy-to-use C200 is an ideal solution for those with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss. The volume control wheel on side of receiver controls volume - just move the wheel. The volume control wheel is easier for the user because you can adjust without having to look down at the phone. The volume will also stay the same for all phone calls until you change the volume using the volume control wheel. For extra amplification there is also a boost button on the side of the receiver. If your elderly family member with memory issues or early Alzheimer's has trouble understanding the boost or volume control wheel, you could always set it for their individual
hearing needs and then put strapping tape across it so it won't accidentally be changed.

No programming, no menus
This simple phone for seniors is an amplified corded phone that is basic, easy-to-use, and as simple as can be. Great phone for elderly people who need a memory loss phone because there is no confusing high technology or hard to remember instructions. This simple phone is the kind of phone used years ago, there wouldn't be a learning curve - no complicated buttons with names that are hard to understand, no programming, no menus.

Will this phone work on my home phone line?
This phone ONLY works on an analog telephone line, which is customary in most residential homes. Generally does NOT work with DSL (digital subscriber Lines). If you have a DSL telephone line, contact your phone company first before purchase to see if adding a DSL filter would allow the phone to work. DSL filters can usually be purchased at big box stores that carry telephones. Does not work with VoiP, Magic Jack or similar.

If using at a facility such as a nursing home, or assisted living facility ask if they have a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). If yes, before purchase contact the telephone company and ask if a DSL filter would allow the phone to work on the digital phone line. These are purchased inexpensively at many big box stores.


1. No adapter
2. Land-line - means it is powered by a small amount of electricity in the phone lines

The following information is from a telephone company:

"If you have landline phone service from your local phone company, with a phone plugged directly into the phone jack in the wall: (as the C200 does)

Your phone will work even when your electricity is turned off or a blackout occurs. *It is possible, however, that in the event of a major earthquake or tsunami, a car hitting a telephone pole, or a break in a cable in your area, the landline network could be damaged and will not function."

For your information: Cordless phones do NOT work when the power goes out.

Just pick it up to answer and put down to hang up. A retro phone the older person will be used to using. May be used as a desk top phone or wall mount phone. This phone also has a small foot-print, takes up less room on the nightstand and is perfect for apartments or small tables. If using in a nursing home it won't take up too much room on the small table next to the bed.


"Helps keep elderly connected to family and friends because they feel comfortable using this simple phone for seniors, especially since it is amplified if needed - and they don't have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. This is a great easy to use phone for seniors and is an aid to daily living!

We recommend an amplified phone next to the bed for anyone who wears hearing aids too! People take the hearing aids out at night to sleep so if the phone rings in the night, or if they need to make an emergency call, their hearing aids are out and they can't hear well. The hearing aids may be in a hearing aid dryer device and it would take time to get them and put them in, using precious time in an emergency. This ULTRA SIMPLE PHONE for seniors and elderly accomplishes two things when next to the bed, it is simple enough to use quickly in an emergency and it is amplified to be able to hear in an emergency
Experts suggest that for seniors and the elderly, it is the recent memory that goes fastest. Often times the elderly with memory loss can remember what happened 50 years ago better than what happened yesterday. The C200 trimline phone is the type of phone many elderly people probably used many years ago, making it easier to remember. COLOR: Off-White

The older we get the more hearing loss can become a fact of life. This is a nice amplified phone for MILD hearing loss that fits nicely on the nightstand next to the bed. This makes a special gift because the hearing aids come out at night for sleeping.

NO additional jacks on phone - You will need to use the telephone cord from the phone to connect to a Life Alert or other emergency system, external answering machine or anything else that requires being hooked up with a jack. Then the telephone accessory plugs into the wall jack. SEE SPECIFICATIONS for MORE INFORMATION

NOTE: Even though this does not qualify as a low vision phone, the backlit dial pad's keys are slightly less than 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch.

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C200 quality, trimline amplified corded telephone is a simple, basic phone for elderly people with Power Technology

  • Just pick up the phone to answer, just put phone on the base to hang up - no buttons to push.
  • Voice volume control wheel on side of the receiver is easier for the user - no having to look down at the base of the phone to adjust.
  • Boost Button - amplifies incoming sounds up to 26 decibels - ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss - phones for the hard of hearing.
  • Offers adjustable loud ringer volume - besides amplification - for hard of hearing seniors.
  • Phones have bright Visual Ring Indicator - this is a sensible idea to be able to easily see the phone on the night stand in the dark when it is ringing - without knocking over a glass of water, or knocking your glasses onto the floor, or having to turn a lamp on to see the phone.
  • Phones have large backlit dial pad - makes it easier to answer the phone in a dark bedroom
  • Telephones designed to be hearing aid compatible
  • Last number Redial
  • These phones have a Mute Button - which is important when you need to discuss something in private while on the phone
  • Ringer On/Off - ability to turn the phone off if someone needs to sleep
  • Amplified Corded Telephone - especially helpful for elderly - no recharging of the phone needed - its always ready - no finding out the battery is dead when you need to place an emergency call in the middle of the night
  • So simple - use as a memory loss phone - a phone older people were used to using - just pick it up and dial. No button to push with names unfamiliar to older people just to answer the phone like on many cordless phones.
  • Because this is corded - the elderly user with some memory loss won't lose the handset.
  • Unlike a cordless phone, there is less of a fall risk. If the cordless phone falls off a table or is dropped onto the floor, stooping is required to pick it up and causes a fall risk.
  • Handset is easy to put back on the base - no fiddling with getting it just right in the cradle or it won't charge.
  • No battery to go out at just the wrong time
  • Easy to answer - easy to hang up!
  • Great retro phone for elderly people - basic, easy-to-use - no high technology to confuse - helps elderly feel comfortable on the phone again and helps keep them connected
  • Telephone Handset line (coiled 10 feet)
  • NO additional jacks - not connectable to answering machines, life alert systems
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • One year warranty
  • COLOR: Off-White
  • The perfect corded phone for the bedroom for elderly people - the Clarity C200 Trimline Phone
  • Handset Cord -coiled, 10 feet
  • Good idea for the night table. Even if you wear a hearing aid, it is usually taken out at night, leaving you unable to hear on the phone in emergency situations during the night. This solves the problem with an amplified phone next to the bed.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a loved one has memory issues or early Alzheimer's and you want to keep the volume control wheel at a preset level, you could use a strong tape like a strapping tape to cover the volume control wheel to help prevent the volume level from being changed. If you don't want the boost button depressed you could also cover this with strapping tape. May not look great, but could help solve the problem.

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Very Satisfied June 26, 2014
Reviewer: John Cunningham from Higbee, MO United States  
Very satisfied with product and service.

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Boost button concern January 19, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
This phone did not work for us so we had to return it.  The clarity and volume control were good.  The boost button made a big difference. It definitely amplifies the conversation loud enough to hear it better.  The trouble that we had is that the boost button had to be pressed for every call.  Since we bought it for someone who is memory challenged it would never work. She just would not be able to remember, know how or decide to press the boost button while talking on the phone.  If it is just for someone with a hearing problem the phone is a good one. Not good for people with memory issues.

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Amplified Trimline Phone June 11, 2013
Reviewer: Kathy Bell-Mathy from Alameda, CA United States  
I just purchased this phone for my Mother who is now residing in an assisted living facility and she found it very easy to use and it fits nicely on her credenza.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Strange echo January 2, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tucson, AZ United States  
Got the phone for my elderly mom; she said she could hear well with it but it had a strange echo that was so distracting, she eventually had to go back to her old phone.  :(

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Clarity C200 Almplified Trimline Phone January 12, 2012
Reviewer: Barbara Nuss from Iowa Falls, IA United States  
My parents are in their 80's, recently moved to an apartment, and even a basic cordless phone was too technical for them.  I purchased the Clarity C200 phone for them for Christmas, and we have nothing but rave reviews for it!  We hooked it up, didn't have to worry about anything "charging"...and within five minutes they received their first phone call on it.  Anything that makes their life simpler makes my life a WHOLE lot easier, so thank you for a basic, simple, easy-to-use phone!

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