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Safety & Wandering - caregivers, keep your Alzheimer's & dementia patients safe.
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caregiver kit that includes 3 items, receiver, mat and vibrator Alzheimer's Caregiver Alerting Kit

Alzheimer's Caregiver Kit for home care caregivers

Sale Price $376.99
You save $51.00!
Woman sitting in a chair reading while using blue Day Light Sky Light Therapy Day-Light Sky Light Therapy

Day Light Sky Light Therapy System for Sundowning, certain mood disorders

SALE $177.95
You save $37.05!
side view of plug-in fireavert stove fire prevention Fire Avert Stove Fire Prevention

Fire Avert Stove Fire Prevention

white receiver Portable Audible Receiver

Portable audible receiver notifies you if a door or window has been opened

: $135.95
yellow strip with red stop sign alarm Stop Door Strip Alarm for Dementia

STOP Door Strip Alarm for Dementia, Alzheimer's

black and gray transmitter Door Window Access Transmitter

Door or window opened notifier.  Gives peace of mind and safety

white multi purpose transmitter Multi-Purpose Transmitter

Multi-Purpose Transmitter to alert caregivers if someone has gone out of a door.

green and white alarm transmitter with receiver Personal Pager Alarm for Caregivers

Personal pager alarm for caregivers

NOW $52.20
You save $2.50!
Person holding Wander Alarm Home Security Alert at brown door Wander Alarm Security Alert for Alzheimer's Patients

Wander Alarm Home Security Alert for Caregivers and Facilities

magnetic switch on door Door/Window Magnetic Switch for Dementia Safety

Door/window alarm switch for dementia and Alzheimer's

: $32.99