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RangeRoller 19"
RangeRoller 19inch long rollout device by Medi-Dyne
IT Band Pain
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Stretches out painful IT Band

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RangeRoller For Tight Muscles

The RangeRoller Original with Trigger Treads is a 19 inch deep tissue message device for multi-layer message therapy that also reaches connective tissue. Also useful for painful Illiotibial Band or IT band for short. You can go to a physical therapist and receive treatment with deep message (can be painful) and get down on the floor using a foam roller, see photo below. Age 55+ folks with weak knees and back muscles may have trouble getting down on the floor and getting back up to use the foam roller. Now we have RangeRoller which helps roll out the stiff Iliotibial Band (IT Band) to relieve the pain. A tight, stiff, IT band can become very painful and makes walking difficult.

You can try this exercise with a
foam roller to stretch out the Iliotibial Iliotibial Band Exercie with Foam RollerBand, and many physical therapists will have you do this at an appointment, and it does work, but how many older people can do this strenuous exercise with the foam roller? Try packing this in a suitcase too!

Using the RangeRoller can be done by yourself, or I recommend laying down on the bed on your side with the leg that needs treatment out straight, IT band that needs treatment facing up towards the ceiling. Have your spouse, partner or friend use the RangeRoller to roll up and down from the top of the upper thigh to about the top of the knee, using firm strokes and roll like using a baking rolling pin. Use firm motion when you push down on the RangeRoller to achieve better results.

The RangeRoller Original 19 inch can also help break up scar tissue.

The RangeRoller Original 19" is a massage therapy tool that is designed to allow one to give him or herself a more effective deep tissue massage. It is especially well suited to be used by most age groups of all ability levels, whether injury or stiffness is due to playing golf, jogging, arthritis, or even sitting too much causing tight, stiff muscles. The deep tissue massage that it can provide should help relieve pain and stretch out (roll out) tight muscles and the IT band. Increases blood flow to any injured areas. The RangeRoller is designed to simulate the effects of a personal massage in a private setting, but without the high cost. Also, can stretch out the IT band while laying on a bed, without having to get down on the floor.

TIGHT BACK MUSCLES causing pain and difficulty standing up straight or getting out of a chair? Use to roll out tight muscles in the lower back. Lay face down on the bed or floor and have a spouse, partner or friend roll your lower back. Use firm pressure.

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  • Lightweight
  • Travels and stores easily - doesn't take up much room
  • Easy to use
  • Good for those who have trouble getting down on the floor to work on their tight muscles. Can be used on the bed, or standing up
  • Great for painful IT Band Syndrome
  • Stretches out painful muscles
  • Partner can roll out your muscles for you too

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