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Kills Germs Like These Bacteria With Ultra Violet Light

We recommend using hearing aid dryers, especially those with UV (Ultra Violet Light) that kills the germs that can cause an infection of the ear canal, itchy ears, foul odor, even bacterial infection in the ear.

Hearing aid accessories are products designed to keep your expensive hearing aids functioning to their full potential, preventing volume fluctuations, distortion and intermittent sound while helping to keep your hearing aids in your ears and out of the repair shop.

We offer several brands of hearing aid dryers designed to remove damaging moisture from your hearing aids. Hearing aid wearers who live in or frequently travel to high humidity areas are more prone to have moisture problems with their hearing aids. Some of our hearing aid dryers have UV (ultra violet light) that inhibits bacteria that can cause "itchy ears" and ear canal infections. These hearing aid accessories also dry out the earwax that accumulates normally in the hearing aid, making it easier to remove. Moist sticky ear wax is more difficult to remove.

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Renew Hearing Aid Dryer. An electric hearing aid dryer that is used for hearing aid maintenance.  Hearing Aid Dryer ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener
SALE $65.99
includes FREE Battery Holder
Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer silver color Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer
Sale $72.95
FREE Battery Holder
Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum, hearing aid accessories Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum
SALE $109.95

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