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Dry Brik Desiccant
Dry Brik Desiccant package showing 3 blocks of desiccant
Dry Brik Desiccant for Hearing Aid Dryer
Product Code: ET-DRYBRIK-II

A more aggressive desiccant than silica gel

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Dry Brik Desiccant

The Dry Brik Desiccant contains a more aggressive absorbent with much great moisture-absorbing capacity for hearing aid conditioning. Package of 3 desiccant blocks for use with Dry & Store Professional, Global II and Zephyr hearing aid conditioning systems. Each Dry-Brik last approximately 2 months


NOTICE: The new Dry Briks no longer have a copper strip on the end as they did in the past. The copper strip was used for the older Professional models. If you have the Professional model dryer and the red "check drawer light" does not go out, please contact Ear Technology (800-327-8547) to learn how to use your dryer. Ear Technology offers a free fix for your Professional dryer, allowing the new Dry Briks to be compatible.

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Physical Characteristics
Weight: 0.8 oz each (22.8 g)
Size: 1.625” wide x 3” deep x .625” high (4.1 cm x 7.6 cm x 1.6 cm)

Product Compatibility
The Dry-Brik desiccant is compatible with all of the Dry & Store models.

The Dry-Brik desiccant is a molecular sieve, which is a much more aggressive desiccant than silica gel. Moreover, mol sieve (pronounced “MOL SIV”) is better suited for the operating temperature of Dry & Store. Silica gel doesn’t work as well as mol sieve at our operating temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really that important to replace the Dry-Brik every two months or is this just to sell more
Any quality device that has drying as one of its benefits must provide a place for the moisture to go when it is removed from the hearing instrument. The Dry-Brik II performs that function, and it performs it very well indeed. Even so, the capacity of the Dry-Brik is not unlimited, and eventually there will be no place for the moisture to go. Changing the Dry-Brik II every two months ensures most users will never reach that saturation point.

My supplier says the Dry-Brik II will stay active for two months. How do I know?
Through testing in a variety of relative humidity conditions, the desiccant type was heavily researched – and the quantity carefully calculated – to ensure at least a two-month life expectancy for a single user operating the Dry & Store appliance 8 hours every night.

What is the shelf-life of Dry-Brik II?
With the foil cover intact and stored in a climate-controlled environment, a Dry-Brik II has a shelf-life of at least a year.

Can I recharge the Dry-Brik in my oven?
No. The temperature required to break the polar bond between the adsorbed moisture and the pores of the sorbent material is far too high and would melt the plastic.

There is a strip of copper on the end of the Dry-Brik II. What’s that for?
The copper strip is for use with the Dry & Store Professional model, as part of that model’s desiccant detection system. The copper strip is not needed for other models.

The original Dry-Brik eliminated odors. Does the Dry-Brik II also eliminate odors?
Yes. Undesirable odors are caused by molecules of certain compounds (usually organic) that our senses find unpleasant. The millions of microscopic pores in the new sorbent grab odor molecules as tightly as moisture molecules. In addition, the Dry-Brik II contributes to the very low relative humidity in any Dry & Store model, creating an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria to reproduce.

How safe is the Dry-Brik II?
Very safe. Since the sorbent material is completely enclosed, no contact between the user and the sorbent can take place without cutting tools.

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