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Personal hearing devices like the Pocketalker can be especially helpful if your hearing aid is uncomfortable.
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black earphone with 12 foot cord Wide Range Earphone For Pocketalker

Wide range earphone for Pocketalker. For mild to moderate hearing loss. Hangs on outside of ear.

Black Earphone for Duett Personal Amplifier
Earphone for Comfort Duett Personal Sound Amplifier

Earphones for Duett Personal Amplifier

gray pocketalker ultra Pocketalker Ultra with Dual Mini Earphone

Pocketalker Ultra with Dual Mini Earphones for personal amplification up to 50dB

behind the ear personal amplification listener Sonic Alert FocusEar PAL (BEIGE)

Sonic Alert  FocusEar PAL (Personal Amplification Listener) that is affordable

SALE $334.49
You save $44.51!
black amplifier shown behind the ear Bluetooth Personal Sound Amplifier

Bluetooth functionality personal sound amplifier for hearing loss

  $349.00 Doesn't look like a hearing aid