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Bed rails attach to the side of the bed.  They can have multiple purposes such as helping to prevent falling from bed, and assists in rolling over or getting out bed for those with arthritis, weak legs and backs.  Fall protectors such as bedside safety mats.
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woman in bed with mask Glo To Sleep Therapy Mask
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Woman getting out of bed and holding onto Bedside Econorail with organizer and 4 pockets Bedside Econorail
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Person sitting on bed holding onto the white and black Travel Handle Adjustable Bed Rail Travel Handle Adjustable Bed Handle
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Man getting out of bed holding onto Bed Safety Rail with Legs and Swing Out Arm Mobility Bed Rail & Swing Out Arm
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30 inch bed rail and 8 pocket organizer Safety Bed Rail and 8 - Pocket Organizer
SALE $122.99
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adjustable bedrail with organizer EZ Adjust Safety Bed Guard Rail
SALE : $139.99
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bed rails on bed Full Length Bed Rails for Home
Sale $167.95
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