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Outgoing speech phones are designed for a person who has a low voice, whether it is their natural voice they have always had or because they are frail, or sick. This enables the listener on the other end of the line to hear them better without having to constantly say "could you speak louder"?? Helps avoid an embarrassing situation. Also allow emergency personnel hear the person calling with a soft or weak voice.
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Outgoing Speech Amplified Phone, beige retro phone, speech product, voice amplified phone SPAMP Outgoing Speech Amplified Phone

A basic, simple, OUTGOING SPEECH amplified phone - corded

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Clarity Professional XLC2 cordless big button speakerphone Clarity XLC2 Amplified Big Button Cordless Telephone

Most elderly friendly - easiest to use cordless phone! Clarity XLC2 Amplified Cordless Phone

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black corded phone with extra large illuminated dial pad Alto Big Button Phone

Alto big button phone with illuminated extra large dial pad has speakerphone, and extra loud ringer

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XLC3.4 Clarity big button cordless phone XLC3.4 Big Button Cordless Phone for Seniors

XLC3.4 Best phone for elderly, a big button easy to use cordless phone

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