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Grades of Hearing Impairment

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Slight Hearing Loss 16 - 25 (dB) decibels
"People with slight hearing loss may have trouble hearing faint (quiet) speech. They may also have to listen carefully in important or difficult situations." Indiana State Department of Health

Mild Hearing Loss 26 - 40 (dB) decibels
For people with mild hearing loss, understanding speech can be difficult. They can usually hear well if they are listening to a single person speak in a quiet situation. However, they have trouble hearing faint or distant speaking. People with mild herring loss usually can benefit from hearing aids." Indiana State Department of Health

Moderate Hearing Loss 41 - 55 (dB) decibels
Listening is a strain for people with moderate hearing loss. While they can understand what a person says if the person is close, it can be difficult for them to hear someone else in a noisy environment. People with moderate hearing loss may miss 50 - 75% of speech in a conversation and often need to have part of the conversation repeated. People with moderate hearing loss usually can benefit from hearing aids." Indiana State Department of Health

Moderately Severe Hearing Loss 56 - 70 (dB) decibels
"People with moderate - severe hearing loss can miss up to 100% of speech in a conversation and need for a conversation to be very loud. Again, people with moderate - severe hearing loss usually can benefit from hearing aids." Indiana State Department of Health

Severe Hearing Loss 71 - 90 (dB) decibels
People with severe hearing loss may hear a loud voice, if the person speaking is one foot (12 inches) away from his/her ear. They may be able to identify noises in their environment (for example, a paper rustling or traffic outside), but often appear to be ignoring conversation from the people around them." Indiana State Department of Health

Profound Hearing Loss 91+ dB (decibels)
"People with profound hearing loss are considered to be deaf. They may detect very loud sounds, and ae usually aware of vibrations (movements) around them. People with this degree of hearing loss may rely on vision (sight), rather than hearing, as their main way of communicating with other people. People with profound hearing loss may benefit from treatments or therapies that amplify sound… but may benefit more from a cochlear implant." Indiana State Department of Health

We recommend that even if a person has a hearing aid, an amplified phone is still necessary. Hearing aids are removed at night when going to bed and if an emergency call comes through or an emergency call needs to be made an amplified phone next to the bed is important for anyone with hearing loss when the hearing aids are out.

Modern Senior Products is the place to trust tp buy phones for seniors and elderly with hearing disabilities.

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Emerson Large Display Talking Caller ID with Jumbo backlit display.  Large display caller ID - voice announce caller ID - big number caller ID Large Display Talking Caller ID

Large Display Talking Caller ID by Emerson. Displays numbers 1/2 inch high, easy to see. Announces caller information.

phone ring flash alert device Phone Ring Flash Alert

Flashing phone ring alerting device uses a bright LED light to notify silently of incoming phone call

white trimline phone Simple Home Trimline Phone

C200, amplified, simple-to-use phone. Small enough to fit most nightstands in apartments and nursing homes.

Sale $36.95
Telephone with in line phone amplifier attached In-Line Phone Amplifier HA40

In-Line Phone Amplifier with adjustable volume up to 40 decibels. Senior product that helps with loss of hearing

expansion handset CL-D703 Extra Handset for E814

Expansion handset for E814 and E814CC Clarity phones

White and black Universal Telephone Amplifier UA-45 by Serene Innovations, in-line phone amplifier Add On Telephone Amplifier UA-45

Universal In-Line Telephone Amplifier connects to corded phones to provide amplification up to 45dB

Jar of Tech-Care Clean Wipes, tub contains 160 wipes
Tech-Care Clean Wipes 4 containers

Tech-Care Clean Wipes - Hospital grade disinfectant fabric wipes for headphones, hearing aids

  $40.79 Disinfect hearing aids
big button phone for memory loss Big Button Easy To Use Phone FC-1507

Memory loss phone for elderly. Easy to use phone for use at home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities.

Sale $40.95
Fanstel Large Screen Caller ID Model G99M, large screen display caller id box, call waiting caller id box Fanstel Large Screen Caller ID Box Model G99M

Caller id unit receives & displays name, number & calling time. Caller ID on Call Waiting - Displays name & number of a waiting caller. Large 3 line LCD.

Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset - headset for hearing aid users, a t-coil compatible headset Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset

Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset - gives you the best of both hearing aid compatible technology and other standard headsets

SALE $42.99
photo phone, white Picture Dialer Speaker Phone

Picture Dialer Speakerphone - no handset - answer and hang up with press of 1 button.  Great for nursing home, stroke victims, dementia

Picture Care Phone with memory photos Picture Care Photo Phone

Picture Care Photo Phone - perfect for Dementia and Alzheimer's patients

Clarity D704 Expandable Handset for Clarity D700 series phones D704 Expandable Handset for D700 Series

Clarity D704HS Expandable Handset for Clarity D700 Series Phones

corded white photo speakerphone Photo-Picture Speakerphone for Dementia

Photo/Picture speakerphone, corded and amplified for elderly seniors, dementia

White photo phone with 8 pictures black keys Memory Aid Photo Phone

Memory Aid Photo Phone is simple, easy to use - great for dementia, Alzheimer's, elderly, tech adverse

SALE $64.89
FotoDialer with plastic pages for photos FotoDialer Dial By Picture Or Photo

Dial by pictures phone accessory holds 24 photos for

easy dialing. Helps elderly and dementia patients

Sale $65.99
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