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Help your seniors and elderly remain in contact socially. Give them the ability to remain independent for as long as possible.

Best phones for older seniors and elderly with certain medical conditions are chosen based on ease of use for those with Dementia, Alzheimers, tremors, neuromuscular conditions, low vision, hearing impairments and the technology challenged in mind.

Some older seniors and elderly have difficulty understanding the newer technologies, and just choose not to use them. We don't want our elderly citizens left out, or become lonely or isolated because they can't understand the newer phones with a myriad of little buttons, symbols, menus, scrolling and selection.

Just the basics please, easy to understand, simple phones, that is what some older seniors and elderly prefer. It will also make the lives of their family members easier too, knowing mom or dad can make and receive telephone calls with an easy to use and understand phone. Many of these phones are also suitable for nursing homes, allowing your loved one to still connect with family and friends.

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white trimline phone big button phone for memory loss Picture Care Phone with memory photos
Simple Home Trimline Phone
Sale $36.95

C200, amplified, simple-to-use phone. Small enough to fit most nightstands in apartments and nursing homes.

Memory loss phone for elderly. Easy to use phone for use at home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities.

Picture Care Photo Phone - perfect for Dementia and Alzheimer's patients

Clarity D704 Expandable Handset for Clarity D700 series phones corded white photo speakerphone White photo phone with 8 pictures black keys
Memory Aid Photo Phone
SALE $64.89

Clarity D704HS Expandable Handset for Clarity D700 Series Phones

Photo/Picture speakerphone, corded and amplified for elderly seniors, dementia Memory Aid Photo Phone is simple, easy to use - great for dementia, Alzheimer's, elderly, tech adverse
black corded phone D704 cordless big button phone Outgoing Speech Amplified Phone, beige retro phone, speech product, voice amplified phone
Fanstel EzPro T56 easy to use phone for elderly, those with dementia, technophobes

D704 big button cordless phone, amplified, DECT 6.0, good for low vision, biggest keypad on cordless phone

A basic, simple, OUTGOING SPEECH amplified phone - corded

White telephone with big black buttons for bad eyesight Clarity D714, cordless phone and answering machine Clarity Professional XLC2 cordless big button speakerphone
Clarity XLC2 Amplified Big Button Cordless Telephone
SALE $115.99 Free Shipping

Amplified, extra large buttons, talking phone for low vision, blind or nearly blind with BRAILLE. Watch VIDEO to learn more

CL-D714 - Most elderly-friendly cordless phone with answering machine

Most elderly friendly - easiest to use cordless phone! Clarity XLC2 Amplified Cordless Phone

White Serene Innovations HD60J Jumbo Key Amplified Phone with dark gray buttons, hearing loss phone, phone for seniors White phone with white buttons with braille and large high contrast keys XLC3.4 Clarity big button cordless phone
Off Hook Alert Phone
SALE $118.29

Jumbo Button Amplified Phone with off-hook alert and presettable automatic Boost Over-Ride

Amplified talking phone for those with low vision, blind or nearly blind

XLC3.4 Best phone for elderly, a big button easy to use cordless phone

Cordless phone with additional handset
XLC3.4 COMBO Simple Cordless Phone
SALE $189.99

Easy-to-use cordless phone, XLC3.4 with additional handset. Senior friendly