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Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum, hearing aid accessories Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum

Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum - clean hearing aids like the professionals

SALE $107.99
You save $20.00!

HD-30P Amplified Photo Phone with 9 photos Amplified Picture Phone Memory Loss Low Vision

Easy-to-use photo phone for mild hearing loss

*Telephone Line powered


Silver color Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dryer, opened Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dryer

Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dryer - Kills Germs too

  $107.99 Free Shipping
VibraQuartz VQ500 Vibrating Watch with black leather band Serene Innovations VibraQuartz VQ500 Vibrating Watch

VibraQuartz 500 vibrating watch with classic styling & leather band


SALE PRICE $112.99
You save $26.96!

Tan Audio Fox TV tv amplification system with transmitter
Audio Fox TV Amplification System with Transmitter

Audio Fox TV Hearing Device - TV amplification for hard of hearing. No more "TURN IT DOWN" - FREE SHIPPING Made in USA flag

Bottoms Up Pelvic Spinal Posture Seat - medium size for musculoskeletal pain, color is black Bottoms-Up Pelvic Spinal Posture Seat - Medium 20"

Helps prevent slouching, sitting fatigue
& leg pain from sitting

  $91.99 Free Shipping

Freedom Alert Emergency Alerting Device with pendant Freedom Alert Emergency Alert Device

Emergency alerting device for elderly or disabled,

no monthly charges or fees

SALE $249.95 FREE GIFT+ FREE Shipping
You save $50.04!
Corded Phone with answering machine and extra cordless handset Clarity E814 Phone with Answering Machine & Extra Handset

Amplified corded speakerphone & cordless handset

SALE $109.99 Free Shipping
You save $10.00!
adjustable bedrail with organizer EZ Adjust Safety Bed Guard Rail

Adjustable, fold down bed rail for elderly or disabled

Man sitting on couch using a computer placed on the Assist-A-Tray Assist-A-Tray for Stand-Up Assistance

Assist-A-Tray, support & stability for help standing up

SALE $165.99 Free Shipping
You save $44.00!

d704 phone with extra handset Clarity D-704 Cordless Phone with Extra Handset

EXTRA VALUE! Clarity D704 amplified cordless phone bundle includes one extra handset

SALE $119.99 Free Shipping
You save $39.96!
FotoDialer with plastic pages for photos FotoDialer

Dial by pictures phone accessory holds 24 photos for

for easy dialing. Helps elderly, dementia patients

SALE $55.99
You save $4.00!

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