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Mom or dad having some memory issues and missing their medications or appointments?  Rosie Reminder Talking Clock
Find Reminder Rosie Talking Clock

product code: HC-RR-CLOCK in Aids For Daily Living, Vibrating Watches

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Founder and President Donna A Menner
Founder and President
Donna A. Menner

We understand your family's concerns for the well-being of your loved ones!

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Bottoms Up Pelvic Spinal Posture Seat - medium size for musculoskeletal pain, color is black Bottoms-Up Pelvic Spinal Posture Seat - Medium 20"

Helps prevent slouching, sitting fatigue
& leg pain from sitting

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VibraQuartz VQ500 Vibrating Watch with black leather band Serene Innovations VibraQuartz VQ500 Vibrating Watch

VibraQuartz 500 vibrating watch with classic styling & leather band


SALE $112.99
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FotoDialer with plastic pages for photos FotoDialer Dial By Picture Or Photo

Dial by pictures phone accessory holds 24 photos for

easy dialing. Helps elderly and dementia patients

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Person sitting on gray swivel seat cushion gray color Swivel Seat Cushion Deluxe

Swivel Seat Cushion, Deluxe. Gray Color. Swivels 360 degrees, helps prevent back and hip strain getting in and out of the car

now $31.99
You save $4.00!
gray rectangular talking clock Reminder Rosie Talking Clock

Talking medicine and appointment reminder clock.  Record in your own voice - aids compliance when memory fails

SALE $99.99
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Coverz Walker Seat & Roll Bar Covers in pink flower design Walker Seat Coverz & Roll Bar Cover

Matching seat & roll bar covers for walkers

and rollators. Fun designs

SALE $27.99
You save $7.00!

adjustable bedrail with organizer EZ Adjust Safety Bed Guard Rail

Adjustable, fold down bed rail for elderly or disabled

Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum, hearing aid accessories Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum

Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum - clean hearing aids like the professionals

SALE $107.99
You save $20.00!

Tan Audio Fox TV tv amplification system with transmitter
Audio Fox TV Amplification System with Transmitter

Audio Fox TV Hearing Device - TV amplification for hard of hearing. No more "TURN IT DOWN" - FREE SHIPPING Made in USA flag

bottle of body wash No Rinse Body Wash

No Rinse Body Wash is useful for difficult Alzheimer's patients, frail elderly

Woman getting out of bed and holding onto Bedside Econorail with organizer and 4 pockets Bedside Econorail

Bedside Econorail is a standing aid for safety

SALE $62.99
You save $4.00!
Corded Phone with answering machine and extra cordless handset Clarity E814 Phone with Answering Machine & Extra Handset

Amplified corded speakerphone & cordless handset

SALE $109.99 Free Shipping
You save $10.00!

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